Legal Basis of the Curriculum:

Important Information about the Study Programme:

  • To enter the programme, a bachelor's degree in Sport Science or an equivalent degree (max. 30 ECTS difference from the curriculum of the bachelor's degree in Sport Science) is required
  • The regular start of the study programme takes always place in the winter semester in Rome. A start in the summer semester is not recommended, unless it is to be expected on the basis of your bachelor studies that an admission can only take place with stipulations of additional exams from the bachelor programme which you have to pass during your master programme.
  • The admission will initially take place at the University of Vienna. Subsequently, you will also be registered at the University of Rome “Foro Italico”. Application period starts in mid June. We strongly recommend starting the approval process within the first days of the application period, latest by end of June.
  • Additionally to the student fee (ÖH-Beitrag) of the University of Vienna, the Italian tuition fee (refer to “Finances” in the handbook) has to be paid after the successful admission
  • All classes are held in English
  • The General Intensive Modules 1-3 in the first semester take place in Rome (University of Rome „Foro Italico“, Italy)
  • For more information about the specific process, see the links below or on the website of the European Master in Health and Physical Activity (EMHPA)


 Suggested Schedule:

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Information about the admission: